A Guide to Washing The Rag Company Towels

The Rag Company UK offers high-quality microfiber towels, direct from our friends at The Rag Company in Boise, Idaho, USA! 🇺🇸 Each towel is constructed using microfiber strands which need looking after to ensure they maintain their softness, absorbency, effectiveness and longevity.

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you master the art of microfiber care.

Taking Delivery
As soon as your towels arrive, give them all a good shake to remove any residual lint that may be left over from the manufacturing process or due to transit. Then, we highly recommend washing them before first use:

P&S Rags To Riches Microfibre Detergent being poured into a washing machine drawer

The First Wash

  1. Separate your towels into type. If you have all-purpose towels and twist-loop drying towels, for example, these need to be washed separately. This is because the different weaves may grab hold of each other (think Velcro), which will inflict damage on your towels.
  2. Washing with like-colours will stop any potential colour-drift. Always wash newer black, orange and red towels separately from lighter-coloured towels to avoid any risk of bleeding. This simple step helps maintain the vibrancy of your towels while preventing unwanted colour transfer. Do not wash brightly-coloured (red, orange) or darker towels (black, grey) with lightly-coloured towels (light blue, yellow, white) as bleeding may occur.
  3. Rags to Riches Microfiber Detergent is the go-to for your first and subsequent washes. This is a specially-developed liquid that will revive your towels.
  4. Quick cleaning: Hand wash in warm water with Rags to Riches, rinse well.
  5. For longer, thorough cleaning: Machine wash at 30° Celsius or lower. The delicate microfiber strands are based on a plastic blend, so using higher temperatures may create heat damage.
  6. Hang-dry or tumble dry on one of your lowest settings. Similar to washing at a lower temperature, drying cooler will mean your towels remain soft and absorbent. Your tumble dryer's filter will also catch any remaining lint.

ℹ️ It's important not to use any kind of fabric softener or bleach. Softener will coat the microfiber strands that make up your towels. This will prevent them from performing as they should. Bleach will also damage your towels and alter the colour. Do not iron your towels.

Storing Your Towels

  1. They should be kept in a clean, dry place, out of direct sunlight.
  2. Keep them separated; All-purpose towels, drying towels, etc. should have their own location/container.
    Tip: We really like deep, plastic tubs with lids - these can be purchased from most UK homeware stores, such as Homebase, B&Q, etc. These tubs can also be labeled.

Plastic tubs with lids being used to safely store different kinds of microfiber towels

Used/Dirty Towels
Keep these in a separate bin from your regular laundry to reduce the risk of accidentally damaging your valuable towels by washing them together.

ℹ️ If you've used any towels for installing ceramic coatings on paintwork, glass or wheels, these towels should be treated as consumables and thrown away after use. Coating residue will solidify and render the towel(s) unusable for any other task. Washing them will have no effect.

And that's the basics of microfiber towel care! We highly recommend following these steps to help prolong the life of your Rag Company towels, as we understand that they are an investment; look after them and they'll help you to take care of your vehicle, or even home, for a long time!

If you need any further advice or have questions, feel free to contact us.

The Rag Company UK Team.

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