NEW RIP N' RAG Microfiber Towel Rolls & Wax Applicator

The Rag Company has announced two great new products to their microfiber lineup! During a live stream at the 2023 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Anthony was joined by Yvan Lacroix from DIY Detail who gave us some details:

  • This is a roll of 70/30 blend towels that are perforated - simply tear off one of the 12" x 12" towels whenever you need one!
  • Available in both 30-count and 80-count in Ice Grey
  • The 30-count will fit on a standard 'kitchen roll' holder, whereas the 80-count will come with its own dispensing box!
  • An economical solution compared to standard studio, workshop, garage or household paper towels that get thrown after use. The RIP N' RAG towels can be washed and re-used, depending on the level of dirt present. If used for coatings it's recommended to use the towels as a consumable.
  • RIP N' RAG rolls will be available in 2024 🇬🇧

Wax + Sealant Applicator
  • Soft, 70/30 blend applicator for wax and sealants
  • Buttersoft suede edge for softness
  • Deep pocket to that it won't come off your hand
  • Ideal for applying wax and sealants in a methodical way
  • Available in 2024 🇬🇧

Watch the full stream replay here:

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